Commonly Asked Questions
FAQ updated 12-11-09

Refrain from asking questions if you haven't read below. If you still need assistance, please leave a comment. Thanks

1.) Why aren't my addons showing?
Probable cause, you didn't install the AddOns correctly. To do this, make sure that you put your Interface or AddOns folder or files inside the right WoW directory. If you have two WoW directories, ie: C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns and C:\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns, try putting it into the other folder.

Also, make sure they aren't in a sub folder i.e. c:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\AddOns or c:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\Carbonite\Carbonite.

2.) I installed the interface, and it still ain't working. What do I do?
Taken straight from the faqs page:

To manually install your mods:

1. Download your chosen interface

2. Extract the files to a folder on your desktop.

3. Open your WoW folder.

If using a PC, the typical default install path is:

C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft

If using a Macintosh, the typical default install path is:

Macintosh Main HD (or whatever you renamed it to, if you did)/Applications/World of Warcraft

4. In the WoW folder, create a new folder called Interface (if it doesn’t already exist)

5. Open that folder, create another one inside it, called AddOns (again, if it doesn’t already exist)

6. Open the AddOns folder

7. Copy the files from the folder on your desktop into the AddOns folder

8. Your final path should look like:


C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\< ModAFolderName >\< files >
C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\< ModBFolderName >\< files >
C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\< ModCFolderName >\< files >


Macintosh HD/Applications/World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons/< ModAFolderName >/< files >
Macintosh HD/Applications/World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons/< ModBFolderName >/< files >
Macintosh HD/Applications/World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons/ < ModCFolderNaem >/< files >

(where < ModAFolder > < .B. > < .C. > are the names of the actual folders that the mods create)

9. Log into game. At the character select screen, there should be an "AddOns" button in the lower left corner. Click on that. If any of the mods in the list that pops up say "out of date" or some such, choose the "Load Outdated AddOns" option.

10. Log the rest of the way into game, you should be up and running now.

3.) It still ain't working. What do I do?! I am so frustrated right now!
It must be something on your end. Make sure you are unzipping the folder you downloaded and also make sure that you are renaming the folders accordingly in the WTF folders. The Account Name Rename folder is your account name, meaning it is your World of Warcraft name, not your battle.net name. If you are unsure or you forget, it is the account name listed on the World of Warcraft main website when you go to manage your account.

4.) I need help converting to other resolutions!
Most likely I won't be able to help with this. I am still planning on doing a resolution remake of Svelte UI but I haven't started on that yet, so I will try to as fast as I can. Regarding other resolutions, it is not planned. So if you use a different resolution other than 1440x900, you will have to move some stuff around. All my interfaces have the AddOns listed, so you can go ahead and start from there, type in the configuration commands for each addon in order to move the elements around. Other than that, it is as is with other resolutions.

5.) Regarding Svelte UI, what is that blue bar/text on the tops of the actionbars?
This is ForteXorcist, the cooldown module part of the addon. You can access this addons configuration by typing ingame /fw

6.) My interface doesn't look like yours! What do I do?!
Again, you probably didn't rename the files correctly. Go back and make sure you are renaming the folders i.e. Your Realm Name, Your Character Name, and your Account Name (not battle.net name).

7.) (Mac Users) Why does my WoW crash after I install?!
For some reason, Mac Users will crash sometimes. Its due to the config.wtf file. Delete it, it is inside the WTF folder along with the Account folder.

8.) I keep getting Lua errors!
If you are getting lua errors, please report them in the comment tab of the respected interface and/or AddOn and I will take a look. If there is a Lua error current with the version and I am aware of it, please check the combat log as I will post the problem there. If I am posted a Lua Error in the change log, that means I haven't figured out the problem yet :P If you can assist in any way in finding the problem, please let me know.

9.) I updated my addons and now everything looks default, what do I do?
Probably means that you updated automatically, this can usually delete the WTF folders unless you specify otherwise. Please don't use automatic updaters as it will always mess up the WTF folders and it will also over write the addons from previously and this usually over rides any customability that I added, unless you know how to safely which I cannot guarantee. If you need to update addons, please do so manually otherwise it is not needed as the compilations are always up to date.

10.) How can I move those buffs in the middle of my screen?
Most of my interface compilations come with SBF (satrina buff frames). In order to configure and/or move these around, make sure you reload your interface before going into the config (for some reason sbf will make wow crash if you don't reload before hand) and after you reload your interface, then type ingame /sbf options.

11.) What AddOn is causing me to auto-repair and/or sell grey junk?
Some of my compilations include the addon aSettings. This allows for auto selling of greys and auto-repairing. If you don't wish to use the autoselling of greys, delete the portion for this in the aSettings Lua. If you don't wish to use the auto-repairing feature, delete this portion in the aSettings Lua. If you wish to not have any of these, delete both features. If you don't care for this AddOn, delete it entirely.

From here on out (10-26-09) I will not be including this, so it will not be a problem or issue in the future.

My newer compilations include DurabilityFu and SellGrays. Disable these if you don't want to auto-sell grays and don't want to auto repair. thanks!

12.) Your Newer compilations don't come with Grid anymore, why?
I changed this so that you, as the user, can choose what you wish to use. If you want to use Grid, I included Saved Variables for this inside the download package. So, if you wish to use Grid, use the same profile as the compilation you wish to use in the reflux command of the compilation i.e. you download Grid for Svelte and want it to go with the interface, go to Grids profiles ingame and switch to Svelte.

Same with VuhDo, recently have added VuhDo as a feature for all my interfaces, so if you wish to use VuhDo and not Grid, download VuhDo seperately and ingame, go to Skins and choose Svelte as the Layout and Svelte as the Arrangement.

Again, instructions above is for the example of Svelte only. As I update all my previous interfaces, they will all have the VuhDo and Grid options.

13.) How can I change colors of the Interface?
This is a huge question. You would have to go to each element of the interface and go through the AddOns configuration and change the colors through there i.e. kgPanels, Stuf, PitBull, SLDT, SBF, etc.

14.) You should change ___________ so a.) It will look better b.) be better c.) blablabla

By all means, leave me a suggestion. However, if you want me to change anything regarding Oomm1 or Ryas UI, then it will be a no. These are replications of the originals and I will not add anything else other than replicating them. Regarding Ele UI and Svelte UI, leave me a suggestion in the comment tab area. In regards to addons, you don't like it, you can change it yourself, I will not go out of my way to add DBM, Omen, or other things, since you can add these yourself and they are pretty much universal addons that people want to keep anyway. Thanks again and understand where I come from Thanks!

Also: If you don't like something, or want something changed, change it yourself or use something else because I am doing you a favor using my personal layout, and it took me literally hours upon hours to set this up the way it is and don't need anyone telling how it should look, thanks again for your understanding.

15.) Why doesn't it include boss mods, threat meter, a decursive, a blabla bla, and a blablabla blablabla?

Because I want to leave these options up to the user. If you like this rune mod, use it. If you like this threat meter use it. I don't want to go and include it and you don't like it, so use your favorite please

16.) I have a question about lua or coding, the question is_____________?

I don't know Lua or coding that well, I just know how to modify it to my needs I am still learning however, and I learn new stuff everyday. Please bear with me as I am learning and if you have a question, it would probably be best to ask on the WOWInterface forums or the WoW Macro and UI forums. You can still ask me, however, and I will answer either with what you want to hear or I will simply say i don't know. Thanks!